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Earn Your Turns (& Lunch!)

So it snowed all night and we were of course eager to get up to the mountain to get some fluffy turns in the white room but unfortunately this storm didn’t only bring snow. The lifts at Tenjindaira resort didn’t open today due to strong winds so we decided to get our skins and touring gear and walk/tour up to the top instead! It took us about two hours to get to the top station of the ropeway where the restaurant was fortunately open (even though the gondola wasn’t?) and the staff were nice enough to serve us a generous portion of rice and curry. After fueling up and warming up after hiking through the snowstorm we were ready to take on the last ascent to the top of the left hand chairlift and make our way out to the same ridge we skied yesterday. It was really windy on the top as we took our skins off and got ready to finally get those well-deserved turns! That run was so much fun and the fact that we had to work that hard to get that skiing made it even better. The wind had pushed around the snow quite a bit so there were places with mostly ice and crusty snow and others with waist-deep pow! I managed to faceplant twice on the way down since I had ice and snow on my goggles and couldn’t really see where I was going so at one place I skied right into a wind-accumulated wall of snow and the second time I ended up doing a flip over my skis after suddenly hitting another pile of snow resulting in a released binding… So I got to eat quite a bit of snow on the way down!

It’s still snowing like crazy outside so we are now keeping out fingers crossed that the wind has died and will stay that way so that we have an epic day of blower-pow to look forward to tomorrow!

Check out the short movie i put together from today’s adventure: