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Blower Pow @ Houdaigi

Disappointing enough the wind had not subsided during the night so it was very unlikely that the resort would open today so after breakfast we decided to go and try out one of the other nearby resorts called Houdaigi instead. Our expectations were pretty low since this mountain is smaller and located on lower altitude but we were happy to just get some lift-carried skiing… However, this turned out to be an EPIC powder day! There were plenty of chairlifts with easy access to an unlimited amount of un-tracked off-piste runs. The spacing of the trees was a bit too dense at some places but we found some perfect spots with “sooooo much fluffy snow!!!” and plenty of fun natural features to jump off. I managed to fit in a few faceplants today as well (apparently I have a thing for skiing straight into walls of snow…) plus a collision with Wille where we ended up laughing like crazy sitting tangled together right on the edge of a steep drop-off… We got some good clips from filming today so hopefully we can get a short edit up soon!

Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for an open Tenjindaira tomorrow because when that happens the conditions will be beyond epic!


Having some Hogwarts-inspired fun while waiting for Gabbe to get his lift-ticket.

Wille and Me hanging out after crashing into each other...

Wille and Me hanging out after crashing into each other…


Claiming that faceplant!