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Relaxing Onsen and a Delicious Dinner

Today only the girls (Myself, Frida and Jenny) had the physical and mental toughness to get out and ski! All the boys were tired and complained about sore muscles and aching backs… So we went out by ourselves and had fun for a few hours and met Henrik, another swede that arrived yesterday, on the mountain. We were basically the only people around so we had the whole mountain to ourselves but after a while it started snowing and the visibility wasn’t very good any longer so we finished with the same long run along the ridge as yesterday before heading in for lunch where we had some delicious ramen noodles.

Gabriel’s new skis arrived today so now he just needs to figure out how to get his bindings mounted in time for some powder skiing tomorrow since there’s quite a lot of snow expected the coming days!

After we got back from skiing we all went to an onsen (natural hot spring) and relaxed in the warm water which felt really nice and hopefully helped the boy’s sore muscles a bit! After the onsen we had another delicious dinner at a restaurant in the nearby town Minakami. The chef served us green beans, chicken, pork and the thickest slices of sashimi we’ve ever seen! The nicest thing with sitting on the floor eating was that is was easy to lay down and rest after all that food!
On our way home we got to experience some cool Japanese engineering – if you drive a bit faster than the speed limit at one place the different patches of asphalt on the road produces vibrations that plays a tune when you drive over them!

It’s now snowing like crazy so we are really looking forward to tomorrow! JAPOW!!Gabriella_Edebo-0608