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Looong Travel Day

Today’s mission: getting from Niseko on the northern island Hokkaido to Madarao on the main island Honshu. The transfer company that messed up our booking and forgot about the trailer from the airport to Niseko when we arrived here apparently felt like they had to make up for their mistake so they had reserved an entire bus for our group of nine people! The bus would have trouble getting all the way up to the house though so our bags got picked up at 6 am by a minivan and shortly thereafter we got in a minibus that drove (to our surprise) for about 10 seconds down the short distance from our house to the main road, a walk that would have taken approximately 1 minute… Haha service-minded to say the least!

The final number of transfers this journey ended up being the mighty amount of seven (!) – car-bus-plane-train-train-train-bus. The crew is now slightly tired and Christoffer the copter-pilot is sick of his life after the security control at Sapporo confiscated the batteries for his helicopter and almost ending up missing the flight…

Today is actually the first day that I’m not skiing since I left Tokyo two and a half weeks ago… Buhuu but probably good to let my body rest for a day 😉

At least we found a Pokemon-store at the airport!!

9 people 1 bus

We found free wifi while waiting for the last bus to take us up to Madarao!!