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Sudden Acrophobia in a Single Chairlift

Our first location of the day was the backcountry of Niseko Hanazono and on our way there we got an unique experience and something I’ve never done before – riding on a one-person chairlift! Exciting at first but as it climbed further above ground the lack of safety-bar suddenly felt slightly sketchy… I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of heights but this actually made me a bit nervous!
Packing all nine of us plus ski equipment plus camera gear and today also the helicopter into our small minivan that only can fit four pairs of skis on the roof is quite a project. In some magical way though it actually worked out!?!

A copter in the lap and a pilot on the floor...

A copter in the lap and a pilot on the floor…

The afternoon location ended up being our favourite spot: touring around right outside our cabin! We went back to a drop with a good kick and landing. Adam climbed up this tree to get a cool perspective of Carl’s huuuuge backflip. I also shook hands with Adam that i will try a backflip too this trip…!

plus! 15 seconds with the Regnér Brothers filmed on our first day: