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Whiteout to Bluebird

Going up this morning it was a bit foggy and only the short chairlift in the middle was open to start with so we took a few runs under the lift and trying out the new jumps they just built and practiced some 180s and spread eagles! After a few runs though the longest one opened up giving access to a whole lot of untracked terrain that’s was just waiting for us since we were almost alone up at the resort today. According to the lodge owner Kieren this place has been ”crowded” (no line to the lift though and not many people around at all) the last two days during the weekend so today was as far away from calling it crowded as it can possibly get I think! We basically had the whole mountain to ourselves and a few snowboard guys staying at our lodge and as the skies cleared up after lunch we all had some fun jumping around and dropping whatever we could find. As most skiers know sunny weather often ruins the fluffy powder snow, however that wasn’t so much the case! The snow of course got a bit heavier than yesterday but it was still great fun, nice and soft. The avalanche danger today was slightly higher than yesterday unfortunately so the long runs down all the way to the gondola wasn’t open during the day which means that if you choose to go down anyway you’re not allowed to take the cabin back up again. So we enjoyed the sun at the top and as we started to get tired we hiked up to one of the ridges and followed that for a while before dropping in to one of the many chutes leading down to the bottom of the mountain. That run was absolutely amazing with nice and cool snow but we made sure not to take the steepest and most exposed way down and instead kept to the concave (and safer) slopes, even though we didn’t see any signs of snow releasing. Better safe than sorry!

The forecast for tomorrow looks like it will be similar to what we had today but then tomorrow night a storm with cooler temperatures and lots of snow is supposed to hit!

Gabriella_Edebo-0398 Gabriella_Edebo-0795