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Sister taaajm!

One of my sisters Alex was home for the weekend so got to hang out with her for a while today before she left the capital to go back to the skicross school both my younger sisters attend. I reluctantly bought her some take-away sushi for the train ride (I realised while being in Japan that what they call sushi here in Sweden really isn’t sushi…). But she was happy anyway since she’s unaware of the truth 😉


Before the train left we had some Swedish ”Fika” – there’s no good translation to english for this word but i guess the closest you get is ”coffee break”, although that’s not really correct.. (Fika on Wikipedia, if you feel like learning more about this awesome concept of Swedish culture…)




Don't know when I'll get ot see this lunatic the next time :(

Don’t know when I’ll get ot see this lunatic the next time 🙁