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Leaving Japan…

Went out to get some turns in this morning before showering, packing and checking out of our hotel in Hakuba. Of course the perfect snowfall showed up right when we left… Perfectly matching the bad luck and timing we’ve had during this production the past couple of weeks.

The journey towards Tokyo Narita Airport started with a shuttle bus from Hotel Green Plaza in Hakuba Cortina to Nagano. There Linus really wanted to have Japanese BBQ Yakiniku for a late lunch so we ended up dragging all our bagage around the city for an hour looking for a place serving that kind of food but apparently almost every restaurant was closed during this time of day.. Finally we found some food and then went on to boarding the bus towards Tokyo. Instead of continuing straight to the airport as planned me and Linus decided to have dinner with the four guys from the crew that are staying for a few days in Tokyo before heading home so we once again ended up dragging all our luggage though the crowded city streets but this time in Shibuya, Tokyo. After a while we actually found a yakiniku place so Linus could finally have his grilled meat! It was delicious though and fun to grill your own meat right in front of you.


After dinner our plan was to catch a train out to the airport and then check in to a hotel there for the night buuuuut, as we walked out the restaurant and asked a friendly woman for directions to the train station she took out her phone and told us that the last train had already left even though it wasn’t even 11 pm yet… Instead she found a nearby hotel for us! I’m blown away by how helpful and kind she was!!

Nice view from the 15th floor at least, perfect for some long-exposure shots!