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Insights from Filming

Today I came to the conclusion that filming means a lot of:
– Waiting for: the camera crew to get in position get all the equipment ready to roll, the copter to get in the air and find the right timing, and then for your turn to ski (since we are four riders and offer the film crew need to reposition between the different skiers).
– Touring: in order to get away from the ski resorts and therefore have way better chances to find good locations with untouched snow. It’s hard work but really nice at the same time to have the mountain all to ourselves and it’s also very peaceful to walk through the birch trees in the quiet snowfall.
– Quite few runs: it’s very time consuming to wait for the cameras and helicopters to get ready and since we mostly have to earn our turns though walking up with skins that results in fewer runs per day compared to if you would be skiing just for fun and within the lift system. However I really enjoy it and it’s so much fun to get to see some footage of yourself skiing. Normally I’m the one with the camera taking pictures of others so I’m happy to be the one in front of the camera for once!
– Planning and meticulous communication for everything to work out the best way possible for the few runs and chances you actually get each day.
– Concentration but having fun at the same time. As mentioned, when it’s finally your turn to ski you really need to be ready to go so that the timing for rolling cameras and flyovers by the copters will be perfect. It’s so much fun to ski though and I’m just blown away by the 240 frames per second slow motion footage!!

It’s been snowing constantly since yesterday and there’s probably way more than a meter of freshies now!! And the intense snowfall during the day that covered our tracks in less than an hour is still producing a thick layer of snow that’s light as a feather and just blows away for nothing… Mad Pow expected for tomorrow (as well) in other words!!

Photos by Marcus Möller | Husky Motion