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Film from Tokyo!

Av Posted on Inga taggar 0

Finally I found a decent wifi-connection able to handle the uploading of the video I put together from our days in Tokyo!

What to expect:

Hi-tech toilets with heated seats, vending machines on every street, zero knowledge of English among the natives, one overused phrase: Arigato Gozaimasu! Delicious food and development of mad chopstick skills, complicated food ordering machines, karaoke, sleeping on the floor, crossing the street with a couple of hundred other people, confusing subway, the miniest minivans and cars ever, informative jingles here and there, Nonexistent trash bins, calf-crushing massage chairs, popcorn water, sake, spinning train seats, a huge electronic department store, the world’s largest fish market, temples, neon lights, getting lost since we didn’t have good map and much more…