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Niseko Bound

Last night I met up with the film crew in Tokyo at the apartment they had rented in Asakusa. We went for dinner at a small place recommended by a guy working in a knife-shop that served ramen noodles that they made fresh in the restaurant. So while eating you could hear the chef smacking the dough hard to the kitchen counter when batting the noodle dough. The ramen was probably the best I’ve had yet and it was a really small and genuine restaurant that had been there for 40 years!

Most of the crew got to bed quite early to try to sleep some of the jet lag off before getting up really early this morning (4.20 am) to head out to the airport. The flight up to Sapporo took about and hour and a half and after getting all our stuff we found our transfer car – the only thing was that the director Max had ordered a big van plus a trailer to fit all the gear (and there’s a lot of it: skis, cameras, helicopters and everything else) but somehow that trailer had been forgotten… Not much else to do but to try and fit everything and everyone into the van! Thanks to some maaad packing skills and a little bit of luck we managed to get everything in there at the expense of the comfort and space for us 9 passengers… I’ve never seen a car more fully packed than this! We are now sitting with skibags between our heads and bags stacked up to the roof so you can barely move and definitely not see each other. Haha very cozy two hours of transfer to Niseko awaits!


Selfie-time on the flight to Sapporo with a random sleeping guy and Linus!


Adam Falk enjoying the fully packed back seat


9 people and lots of bags full of ski gear and camera equipment stuffed into one minibus!