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The lifts just closed for the day and I’m so excited to say that it’s been the best day of skiing I’ve ever experienced (so far) in my life! Before lunch only the top lifts were open and even though it’s Sunday and there were more people around than during the weekdays it was still far from crowded and there was plenty of powder for everyone to enjoy. I managed to find a spot leading back down to the lift from a ridge with the deepest amounts of powder I’ve ever seen. After lapping that area run after run we took a quick but perfectly timed lunch (and ice cream) break because right when we got back out they had opened the piste run leading to the bottom meaning that it’s more or less allowed to ski out the backcountry-gate and get the long and steep runs all the way down. For safety and efficiency reasons we split up into two groups – Linus, me and Gabbe charged off and managed to squeeze in five of those looong and out-of-this-world-amazing runs. The snow was just unbelievable – deep, fluffy and untouched. We got some footage in slow-motion that turned out really cool and Linus got really motivated to put together a slowmo-edit…

Apparently it’s supposed to snow insanely much tonight so we’ll see if the lift opens up in time for us to get a run or two before we take the train and head for Nozawa Onsen.