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Disappointment to Awesomeness

We were off to a slow start this morning since Tenjindaira only opened up the short middle lift to start with also we decided to chill at the lodge for a while and hope for the wind to die down a bit so that one of the longer chairlifts could open up. After waiting until 11 we started to get restless and we decided to go up anyway and hike with skins to one of the rides and get at least one run in today. Five brave souls – me, Frida, Jenny, Linus and Gabbe headed out to defy the storm. The two last guys stayed at home – Wille didn’t want his blisters on his feet to get worse from more hiking and Randy needed to rest his bruised foot after landing a bit flat and hard after forgetting about the groomed trail you had to cross in the middle of the run.
We took the gondola up to the top station where we had some lunch before we went outside. We were just about to start walking when I noticed that they just started the right chairlift that takes you up to all the best skiing on the top. Linus got so excited that he started running with touring-mode on his bindings towards the lift. We ripped our skins off and went up the lift with enormous smiles on our faces! The snow up there was deeep and completely untouched so you could even enjoy faceshots in the ungroomed piste-run! We kept on lapping that lift for quite a while before following the skiers-left ridge all the way down to the bottom and then skied all the way down to the doorstep of the lodge.

Yesterday and today are the deepest and fluffiest powder days that I have ever experienced (doesn’t necessarily say that much though since all I’ve done before is skiing groomers and ripping gates on icy pistes…)!


Jenny contributed with the crash of the day when she tried one of the bigger cliff drops/jumps with far away from enough speed. I fortunately caught the incident on video so we all can get a good laugh from that flight!


Don’t miss the short video with us skiing at Houdaigi below!