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First Day of Skiing

We finally got to ski here in Japan!! The gondola leading up to the resort was supposed to open at 7 am this morning but the huge amounts of snow that fell overnight (and kept on falling during the rest of the day) in combination with strong winds postponed that time to around 10 instead. Once we got up only one of the three chairlifts were open but we were happy anyway to get to ski and it was deeeep!

Randy contributed with the first fall of the day with a nice and loud stumble when entering the gondola and Lajne was the one doing the first crash on the slopes!

Hopefully the rest of the lifts will open tomorrow so that we will get to explore some more of the very promising-looking terrain here at Tenjin Daira.


Lajne going walrus-style!

Lajne going walrus-style!